RAW – the Documentary


The remarkable adventure that saw Janette and Alan break world records
while Running Raw Around Australia!



Jon-Michael Mooney, the Sydney based filmmaker and Director of ‘RAW -the Documentary’, believes that Janette and Alan’s message can transform the way we look at our diets, resulting in disease prevention, clarity of mind, a huge increase in energy, as well as leading people to a more ethical and compassionate lifestyle.

 “Alan Murray and Janette Murray-Wakelin are two phenomenal human beings. They broke and set world records by running around Australia (366 consecutive marathons) during 2013 whilst in their 60’s. Most people would cringe at the idea of running one, let alone 366! And they did this after Janette beat cancer, all of this on a raw vegan diet! Janette and Alan are an incredible example of what is possible with the human body.

Now it is time to bring their story to the world in the form of a documentary. This documentary will be an exciting adventure around Australia that will introduce it’s audience to the benefits of a raw vegan conscious lifestyle.”

 “We have some of the best people from Australia and internationally to make a cinematic quality film. This documentary is a match for the quality of the message that it conveys.”


“This documentary will inspire people to make more conscious decisions about their health and lead them towards a more ethical way to live. It is a positive and inspiring message that has already touched thousands of lives, and it has the possibility of inspiring change that will make a difference to the health of all living beings and to the health of the planet. Let’s create a kinder and more compassionate lifestyle for all living beings and a sustainable future for our environment and the planet.”

Together we can make a difference!